Fingerprint Painting

Acrylic Painting with Interactive Fingerprint Accents on Canvas

  • painting’s base design is discussed together with customer during designing phase, painted before shipping
  • customer will get one draft of painting’s base design with one chance of revision during designing phase
  • painting’s base can be displayed during an event or other means by customer, which guests then can apply their fingerprint as remarks and decorate the painting’s base, adding intimate and personal touch to the painting
  • painting’s base wrapped in plastic to mask area which can be decorate by fingerprints, remove the plastic masking after applying fingerprints
  • whole painting package comes with one box of wet tissue to clean finger after applying fingerprints, two box of stamp pads with different colors that match the painting’s theme

Promo pricing:

shipping fee included in the price of IDR 250k (Bandung area)

 additional shipping fee will be applied for customer outside Bandung area, which can be discussed during designing phase


trusted delivery services (JNEJ&TGo-Send*)

Go ahead and let us know how would you like your fingerprint painting!

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