Decorated Succulent for a Heartfelt Gift

Everyone loves an artsy gift, especially if it's the kind of gift that continue on growing! Any greenery like succulent is a perfect choice of gift due to its beauty in simplicity, and here's one idea about how you can make it special!

First of all, pick a succulent that will fit as a long-lived greenery companion, rather than just a decoration. Nowadays succulent can be bought from almost all big stores or grocery stores as it considered to be quite easy plant to grow. Some points to be considered when buying succulent would be:

  • Succulent with thick, green, healthy leaves
  • Succulent with color other than green is okay, but it might need more advanced treatment
  • Avoid pot of succulent that’s decorated with non-organic substances that might affect its growth

Pot in which the succulent is sold also need to be carefully picked. One to consider is pot with appropriate drainage system underneath.

Second step of preparing the humble yet loving set of gift is to find out the best wrapper. For this occasion we selected this simple bag made out of gift wrapper paper. It can be found in nearly every store with a gift section, and even can be easily made!

Next, is to decorate the store-brought succulent. This is the part where our creativity comes out to play, and this time we simply paint the pot with the neutral-for-all-season white acrylic paint. Some Sharpies can be useful too. Give a simple bow tie as a finishing touch to the pot of succulent.

Voila, we got our pot of succulent transformed into a pot of heartfelt gift with our own personal touch as its decor. Before wrapping it, ensure that the pot can stand steadily and the succulent itself will not be broken inside the packaging.

In the end, every gift will be sweeter with a little note to accompany it. We attach our hand-letter notes in an art paper with another ribbon tie outside the gift bag.

Have tried it yourself? Share with us your version of greenery gifts through the contact form to get featured in our Instagram.

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