Captain Marvel – Watercolour Pencil Study

Following the hype of Captain Marvel¬†which played by Brie Larson, we’re interested to use the movie promotional arts to practice drawing face especially with Captain Marvel’s signature colors and fiery glows 🔥 .

Since this is a practice, we stick to the simple and powerful watercolor pencils, aiming to mimic the face features and sparkling colors.




In this study we used:

  • 100 gsm book paper
  • watercolour pencils
  • white watercolour
  • small to medium brushes
  • some water

Then proceed to start drawing some outlines to determine the facial’s basic structure.

We figured the basic tone that we can use for this image is light orange, because the original art suggested a glowing flame to Captain Marvel’s face.

At this step, as usually, we focused ourselves to refine the shape of Captain Marvel’s eyes first. After that we switched to her lips then her nose. We thought some signature profile of her face are her nose and her lips. It was quite a challenge to draw them all.

We’re still using light orange but at this point we added some shade of browns (for her eyes) and light pink (for her lips) to start drafting the tone.

Something we learnt from drawing with watercolour pencils (or colouring pencils) is that we can achieve unique mixed colours by keep colouring with implementing soft strokes. Adding too much pressure can cause the paper to be over saturated with certain colour.

At this step we were focusing on blending and mixing colours to achieve similar colour tone as the original. We also already achieved more depth by adding darker colours and contouring Captain Marvel’s face.

The drawing is almost finished. We completed all the colour profile including Captain Marvel’s outfit.

Quite frankly, the hardest part of making this drawing is the gorgeously flowing hair! In the original art, her hair appeared to be flown and blazed by fiery energy, with yellow-red glow as dominant colour. This is something new to us.

What’s left after this is adding highlights and more glowing effect.

Here comes the fun part. We finished the drawing with some highlights, add lighting to some area of Captain Marvel’s face, add strings of hairs to give that flowing effect, add some smoking effect to give that powerful energy.

Up until previous step, we sticked to watercolour pencils. In this step, we were using white liquid watercolour. Considering the nature of the paper we used (which is not for heavy painting), we just added a very thin layer of liquid watercolour.

Voila! Captain Marvel drawing is done!

Here’s some close up picture and end result.


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